Diamond has the highest hardness on earth, so difficult to cut materials like carbon composite or sapphire can be polished with it.

Therefore, tools using diamond are now necessary for various industry areas like materials of semiconductor, CFRP materials, automobile, optical glass, construction, etc.

Diamond tool industry is expected to be grown consistently due to the development of advanced new materials, polishing conditions like super precision unit and industrial demand on automation.

High hardness and wear property of diamond tools are used for industrial production contributing to increasing the quality with increased precision of industrial products.

Diamond / CBN vitrified wheel is used in many areas like hard metal, cermet, high speed steel, powder metallurgy, water seal, heavy equipment seal, ferrite, tempered glass for mobile phones, etc.

SYD promises high productivity, cost reduction and eco-friendly working environment of your company by manufacturing diamond / CBN vitrified wheel as well as polishing machine for it.

SYD has consistently developed new products for more precision and low fraction nonconforming and will try to develop more upgraded polishing technology.


Headquarters and Factory 32, Jeungsin-Ro 491 Beon-gil, Shindun-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
President Yum Kwang, Cho
Tel +82-31-634-6259
Fax +82-31-634-4169
Kind of Business Diamond Tool Manufacturing Business
Size Small and medium sized company
Major Items Vitrified Diamond Lapping Wheel
Vitrified CBN Lapping Wheel
Diamond Micron Powder
Double Sided Lapping/Polishing Machine
Single Sided Lapping/Polishing Machine